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OG YouTube – an ideal video downloader app for Android

OG YouTube for Android is a free application that allows you to quickly access, search, share, and download YouTube videos on any Android device. With OG YouTube for Android, watching and downloading videos to your Android devices becomes much easier. Let’s explore right now!

You download the software here and install it regularly. You can access it with an Android device or computer. But on the computer, after downloading is complete, please copy to the memory card or internal memory of the Android device to proceed the installation process.

What is OG YouTube?



OGYouTube is considered to be a professional Video download app for android phone as well as a Youtube video downloader on Android. Besides, this app deserves to be a great alternative to the original Youtube application. With OG Youtube, you are allowed to not only watch Youtube videos but also download Youtube videos easily. More excitingly, OG YouTube application comes with a useful feature which is aimed at supporting YouTube music users when they turn off the phone screen. Fantastic!
When you open the app on your phone, you'll see that OGYoutube looks precisely like the YouTube app. All the features offered by the YouTube application are kept unchanged without adding YouTube videos and running in the background, which helps you listen to YouTube music when the phone is turned off. And advertising on YouTube does not appear at all when you are watching videos.

Why should you download OG Youtube?



Now try to open any video, and you will be surprised when OG Youtube has a built-in feature that allows you to download Youtube videos to your phone quickly with just one click. There will be lots of video quality options for you to choose when downloading to your phone.

And one of the most valuable features on this OGYoutube application is that it allows users to listen to YouTube music when turning off the phone screen. When you click on the icon with the word "Background". Immediately, the application will run in the background, and the sound on Youtube will play regularly even if you turn off the phone screen.

You choose the right resolution for your device and download this Video downloadhelper android now



Moreover, OG YouTube for Android lets you minimize the video to the corner of the screen while you still can search for other videos. Besides, you can choose multiple resolutions according to your device size

Main features of OG YouTube for Android

- Support downloading videos from Youtube

- Pause/resume playback of videos

- Download videos from youtube to your phone with free quality, from 144p -1080p

- Download multiple videos from youtube at the same time

- Download videos from youtube with 4 formats: .3gp, .flv, .mp4, .mp3

- Download mp3 directly on the video

- Play videos from 144p - 1080p

Hope this article will help you to dfind out App to Download Youtube Videos  easier. Download now!

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