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Where is Guangzhou? Discover interesting things in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is a famous place in the world. Guangzhou is a city that if ever known, surely want to come. If you have come here, it will leave an unforgettable impression in your heart. But there are probably many people who do not know about Guangzhou. So where is Guangzhou? It sounds very far away but it is quite close to Vietnam.
Today Thien Ha Bet will join you to find out where Guangzhou is. And find out the interesting things in Guangzhou!
Where is Guangzhou?
Guangzhou, also known as Guangzhou, is a Chinese city. Especially Guangzhou is like Los Angeles, because the traffic is very developed here and there are busy and bustling shopping centers. Guangzhou is also known for other names such as "Hue Vienna", "Flower City" or "The City of Goats". Geographically, it takes only 12 hours to get from Lang Son in Vietnam to Guangzhou, and from Hanoi, it takes an hour and a half from Hanoi.

Football in Guangzhou
In the city of Guangzhou also participated in playing football. It has a well-known ball club "Guangzhou Hang Dai Dao Bao". This club founded in 1954 is currently based in the Tianhe Stadium in Guangzhou, China. Managed by Marcello Lippi and owner of Evergrande Group. This is the club that holds many young players and talented people like Hu Bao, Liu Hao, Chen Zepeng, Li Geng, Wang Rui, ... With the investment in football, the management of the rich company The strength and talent of the players, Guangzhou promises to be a potential football development place in the future.

Hopefully, through this article, you will know more interesting and useful knowledge about Guangzhou. If you want to know more information, be sure to watch thiên hạ bet daily bet.
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